Walks with Mongrel

Every day around here is a little like “Groundhog Day” with the type and sequence of events we share. You could reasonably set a clock by our day to day activities by what we do and when we do it. One of those events is walking with Mongre the black boy catl. Mongrel loves to go on adventures. Our walks are fun and interactive. I swear he thinks he’s a dog.

You don’t believe me? Watch this:

We do this every day multiple times a day. It doesn’t have to be me, it could be a anyone really. If you take the time to be with him he’ll walk with you and talk to you. That sounds like the need of every other breathing creature I know.

Besides the squirrel who seem to say to Mongrel, “You got it in ya, buddy?!” we also saw a couple of woodpeckers, bluebirds and loads of other wildlife before I had to come back in and get back to work. The same ones as yesterday. At the same time. In the same place.

After a long walk there is generally some alone play where he goes on “hunts” to contribute to his family back home. It’s very clear he can hear things we can not. He seems to be able to hear things from a very long way away, too.

On these hunts he heads to the tall grasses or hedges. Sometimes they happen fast and sometime he is a little more picky what he hunts. One of the things I’ve learned in life is to be successful you have to work at it. Like a baseball player taking swings at a ball. You have to swing to hit. In order to be able to swing you have to be in the line-up. The more “at bats” you have the more likely you are to successfully whack the ball and make a score.

This is Mongrel’s approach to hunting. I’m not sure where he learned it since he’s had no one teach him how to do it. While he looks like a fox there have been no foxes teaching him how to catch mice. But he’s quite successful at it. About 80% of the time he does this he comes out with a mouse:

Today I witnessed him do this again! This time I didn’t catch him jumping with my camera (it happened so fast) but I did get my camera and meet him outside. When he catches a mouse like this he immediately looks around for one of us and then runs home to show us. The mouse doesn’t think so I’m sure, he is so proud of what he does.

I hope you’ve had a nice day. If not, at least your are not this mouse.

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