Drone Assisted Antenna Installation

Using a drone to install an antenna!

Hi there. You got here because you are interested in how I used my drone to repair an antenna that was blown down during a windstorm.

For a while I fretted about how I would get a long ladder to the top of this telephone pole to put the antenna back at the apex of the pole. There is all kinds of personal safety issues with related to doing this.

Using a large hydraulic lift was a possibility. These things cost a lot of money to rent and takes a full day to go get it, use it and then return it.

Soon it was clear that I just might be able to use my drone lift a cable over the top of the pole to allow me to install a pulley on the end that I could use to then pull my antenna cable back up on the pole.

This is that story. Of course, I picked one of the windiest days of the month to do it. Because waiting for a calm day was not an option … I needed to get back on the air!