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I am a photographer, aviator, beekeeper and creator living in Northern Virginia with my family. Most of my spare time is consumed with one technology or the other. I have a passion for “ham” (amateur) radio where I have been an FCC licensed operator for 45 years. That passion lends itself to all kinds of other things like drone and fixed wing radio controlled remote flight by radio remote control, remote photography, all kinds of other computer, network, network protocol, telephony, electronic and other technologies. I’ve been a professional programmer and owned several companies in my time. I have owned and operated aircraft since 1992. Somehow it’s all munged together to do what I am and enjoy doing today.



When we get summer rainbows around here they are very, very tall and wide. I was going to post this on my Instagram account but the platform crops to its liking. That crop would only take about 1/2 of this photo and display it. I recognize the platform is trying to fit everything in a …


I’m probably best contacted via a blog post or e-mail.

You can reach me at email john at westerman.photo

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