Radio Control Aircraft

Lately I’ve been into fixed wing RC, both electric and gas (nitro) engines. After flying drones for many years I’ve enjoyed the challenge of not using a GPS for guidance and having to actually “fly” the airplane. There is no pause button with these guys so  you have to stay active when piloting them.

RC foamie – Very fun to fly!

All the new technology, like brushless electric motors, gyro-stabilizers, digital spread spectrum, FPV video systems and the like make this hobby a hoot.

The electric “foamie”.

A few years back I purchased some used airplanes at an auction. I randomly fell into this auction where they were selling these planes from someone’s estate. Apparently the person who built them passed so I bought 4 of them. One of them was in pieces in a box.

The biplane.

This biplane had torn skin, old avionics and a seized engine/carburetor. With some TLC I was able to get everything back operational. I’ve replaced all the avionics with brand new receiver and flight controller. So this 1970’s bird has a 2019 feel. I’ve since replaced the wheels with tundra wheels because I have to take off in tall grass. These little wheels pictured here are not good for grass.

The biplane in motion on the ground. This was part of a taxi test once everything was back together.

I’ve worked on this for some time now and just now getting it all together. If the winds die down some tonight I’ll get this guy in the air for a test flight. As of June 7, 2019, I’ve yet to fly it. It’s all wing so it should be interesting to fly.