Lewis and Clarke Expedition – Manifest

Manifest for Lewis and Clark Expedition:

    • Garmin GPS 2620. What an amazing machine. I’m sure at some point into the future this will look like antiquated technology. But for now it’s pretty cool.

      GPS – Which performed beautifully on our trip.
    • I use a Cobra 38WXST which is also a weather radio. I need a larger antenna which will come one day. Dad has a CB on his bike so this is how we will communicate. Like the GPS, in 10 years I’ll likely not use a “CB” on my motorcycle. Surely there will be smaller, lighter, better gear coming.

  • Digital Camera. I use the Nikon D70, another nice tool. The pictures it takes are nice. I look forward to learn more of it’s capabilities.
  • APRS Gear for laying down telemetry while I travel. You can see where I’m at on my journey.

  • Warm weather gear (electric vest, etc.)
  • Clothes. I’ve got 2 pair of jeans, one pair of boots, my belt, 5 long sleeved T-shirts, 3 short sleeved t-shirts, 4 golf type shirts, 5 pair of socks and 5 pair of underware. So, along the way somewhere I have to get my clothes cleaned. I’ve left my running clothes at home this trip and have decided to use the time to stretch real good and get ready to get back into the routine when I return.
  • Cell phone. While I like this phone I’m sure it’ll be look antiquated in 10 years.

    Yes, it’s a cell phone
  • Computer. The computer has WIFI, Ethernet and Verizon Wireless. So far I haven’t needed dial access but will get that as necessary. The computer is the only way I can keep this journal updated.
  • Flashlight (2)
  • Tools. I’ve got enough tools to change a flat tire, air it up and get me to a station where I can get real help with real tools.
  • There are two things I have on this trip that will help save a ton of money:
    1. A 2004 National Park pass and AAA membership. The National Park pass will definitely pay for itself 10 times over during the weeks to come.
    2. The AAA membership has already paid for itself.

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— Main.JohnWesterman – Published 08 Jul 2004