Lewis and Clarke Expedition Chapter 21

Chapter 21

Well, it’s going to be cool today. I’m afraid the rest of the ride today will be much like yesterday evening. We’ve got to do another 500+ miles in bad weather.

I think it was somewhere between the hotel room and the lobby that I first thought, “You know, for a couple of hundred dollars we could ship these motorcycles and take a plane home!!!” After a hundred miles, it was too late for any of that… so we pressed on… 🙂

We made it to Salina, Kansas today, 442 miles on what has got to be the most boring road in America. To top it all off, I think we stayed in the dumpiest hotel on the trip.

Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas is nothing but a sea of land. I-70 is very straight and mostly flat where the only thing that really changes is the altitude.

For the first time on the trip I took no pictures.

Tomorrow dad and I continue toward Saint Louis, Missouri where we will part ways then head on to our respective homes.

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— Main.JohnWesterman – Published 19 Aug 2004

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