Lewis and Clarke Expedition Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Today I will work in San Francisco.

After work, my route will take me directly to Lake Tahoe, NV to meet up with dad. I will not pass GO, I will not collect $200. My goal is to be there before the sun goes down.

Hence forth it will be a full-court-press to get home. I will do my best to keep this page up to date with what I see going home.

It’s been a blast up to here, I expect it will be great fun over the next 2700 miles too.

The weather for the ride to Tahoe today was hot in San Francisco and Sacramento and got cooler as I ascended into the mountains near Tahoe. Unfortunately the traffic to Tahoe was unbelievable and nearly bumper to bumper all the way through route 50 and stayed that way until about 38 miles outside of Tahoe where the traffic trickled down to a manageable set of machines on mountain roads.

I met dad for dinner and we are now preparing for the ride across Nevada tomorrow morning. We’ll stay on route 50 all the way across Nevada. It’s named as the “Loneliest Highway in America”. I’m looking forward to this trip tomorrow. It will be nice to ride again on roads that are not busy. The last 5 days have been on very busy roads, especially in the San Francisco area. Seriously, California has a traffic problem I am not sure can be solved! Everyone is driving their cars alone. I got in the HOV lanes and was mostly alone departing San Francisco and on through Sacramento.

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— Main.JohnWesterman – Published 16 Aug 2004

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