Lewis and Clarke Expedition Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Today dad and I leave Astoria on our way to Bandon, Oregon.

It was our first day alone as father and son on this trip. It was nice to have the radio clear for conversation just between him and me.

Our weather today is going to be OK. Although hot inland we will be hugging the coast and hopefully staying in the cooler climates. Glad I’m not in southern Florida this morning as Charlie makes landfall.

It was very cool on the trip today. Mostly it was in the 60’s. Heaven if you asked me.

However, Oregon northern highway 101 is unbelievably crowded. It is so beautiful but way too many cars and mobile homes on the highway.

We had dinner overlooking the Pacific ocean together. Great laughs about stubborn horses, a father trying to right a horse gone bad and doing the right thing trying to keep him from killing it, a grandmother’s care, life’s past. It was so much fun.

Tonight the 2004 olympic games opened and I was able to sit in a very comfortable couch, drink a few beers and watch this great event.

The northern Oregon coast is beautiful as you can see in the attached pictures.

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— Main.JohnWesterman – Published 13 Aug 2004

Pictures from today:

Route for today
Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast
Highs today
Current surface weather
Current doppler radar summary