Lewis and Clarke Expedition – Forward


Welcome to the main site to document a trip from Saint Louis to Cape Disappointment following the Lewis and Clark “Corps of Discovery” trail. These pages chronicle my journey on a motorcycle from the start to the end of the Lewis and Clarke expedition. We started this trip in May of 2004 and would finish it in 23 day.

Instead of boats, horses and worrying about being chased by Indians my father and I are going to do the trip on a motorcycle. Instead of taking 3 years we are going to do a cross-country trip and back home in a little over 21 days.

The information here will be written like a book in chapters. Each day will constitute a chapter in my journey. In each chapter there will be words, pictures and other samples of flora and fauna, animals, weather and other observations.

But unlike Lewis, the president has not asked me to do this and I will not have the pressure to report back to the president my findings. Instead, I will report them to you in the chapters that follow just for the fun of it.

There is so much to add here … check back before my departure … and after if you enjoy this kind of thing.

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Published: 05 Jul 2004